US Terrorist Attack on Nordstream Pipeline On Shemitah End Day to Destroy Europe

The Nord Stream pipeline committed suicide. 

Damn those US Navy ‘mocksplosives’ in the exact location where the pipeline blew up.

Or, maybe Greta did it, for global warming. 

Or, maybe Hunter Biden smoked the best crack pipe of his life. 

Pedo Joe sniffed trouble and weshscirteiouottader.

Kameltoe Harris denies guilt – “I did not have the CIA blow up that pipeline…”

Killary Clinton’s whereabouts at the time of detonation: Unknown. 

But I’m talking shit. Why would America screw it’s dear friends and allies in Europe? Of course Russia did it, to put the blame on the USSA and start a war. Because that’s what you do when it’s the end of Shemitah and the only other exciting news is the explosion of the European economy. 

More on this and the reasons behind it in today’s video. As well as some cool TDV news!

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It’s time to accelerate this whole Great Reset business. And, we know it will be easy, because the WEF just told us it would be. According to Mridul Kaushik, the WEF’s Mission Director for Smart Cities Mission, “Covid-19 was the test of social responsibility,” which proves that “billions” who obeyed lockdowns and mask mandates will also comply with the new globalist “social credit scheme”, including “personal carbon allowance programs.” 

He’s probably right. 

And, of course, the Nord Stream gas leak could lead to a climate change “disaster”. As could a nuclear war. The best possible excuse for the next global lockdown. 

Except… aliens. 

Who might, or might not be the next next unsuspecting NVPs in Earth Game:The Final Countdown and Earth Game: Dark Days. 

Hopefully, we’ll also see the third installation, Earth Game: Rise of the Resistance.

Jeff Berwick

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