The New World Slave Coin And Fourth Reich Credit System

I hate to say it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. But… it’s the moment we’ve been expecting. 

I quite wish someone would do a musical score to go with the vaudeville (a comic theatrical piece consisting of a number of individual performances, acts, or mixed numbers, combining pantomime, dialogue, dancing, and song) currently entertaining brainwashed statists and NPCs and all over the world. 

Produced by the World Elitist Forum

Directed by Satan Klaus

Screenwriting by Kill Gates, Yuval “Horror” Harari, Anthony Fraudci… inspired by true events. 

Starring Pedo Rican Joe (as himself) 

They could call it “Ally vs. Ally” and we could put it on TDV’s Tik Tok page, and it could go something like this: 

Who rigged the US voting ball? 

It’s Russia!

Who made Dem take a great big fall? 


Inflation rate and pricing woo? 

Blame Russia!

Gas and food and housing too? 

That’s Russia!

Tanks and guns and pipeline bombs? 


Stocks and bonds and banking cons?

Russia! Russia! Russia!

There’s only one thing left to do

To save the Earth for me and you. 

Heil the Fourth Reich credit due, 

Happy slaves – join the queue! 

No animals, politicians, or central bankers were harmed in the making of the show you are about to see, only humans. 

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Jeff Berwick

Anarcho-Capitalist.  Libertarian.  Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante and creator of the popular video podcast, Anarchast. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including his own, the world's largest anarcho-capitalist conference, Anarchapulco, as well he has been embarrassed to have appeared in the fake mainstream media including CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg. Jeff also posts video content daily to, Bitchute, Brighteon, Odysee and 153News.