FTX Collapse, Crypto Crash and Rigged Slavery (S)elections Du Jour

“I am 17. Last year I filed my first tax return and thought: “Why am I being taxed when I can’t even vote?” I want a say in how my tax money is used. When I turn 18, I’ll have already been deprived of two years of hard-earned money that the government has taken from me while I have no voice in how that money is used.”

That’s democrazy for you! 

The same ‘democracy’ that determines you can vote and go fight in wars of your government’s making, but not drink a beer in public. Of course, the very reason 18-year-old kids are drafted is the same reason they are too young to vote. They are ideologically unformed and uninformed, and easily led and manipulated. 

Like the majority of voters in the USSA, it seems. 

  • The same people who insist ‘your body, your choice’ but demanded your job, your kids and your neck for politely declining a Covaids jab over the past 3 years. 
  • The people who don’t know what a woman is, but let their kids play strip with drag queens. 
  • The people who would select Uncle Fester as state senator so he and Pedo Hitler and Drunk Nancy can incoherently mumble-fumble-stumble forth – the very voices of clarity and reason. 

To be fair, the choice presented for the Philadelphia (s)election was underwhelming. But, that’s the problem with ‘democracy’. It’s either all rigged, or it’s at the mercy of The Big Stupid – people with a slave mentality who actively want these knuckleheads to Master them. (Because giving up freedom and soul is perfectly reasonable in exchange for debt forgiveness, guardianship of your money and assets, universal-based income and a less crowded planet)

Government knows best, so govern me harder, daddy! 

Today’s Jeff & Lucy Show can basically be summed up in four words: 


Fuk That Xhit! (FTX)

  • Tune in for the story of FTX and how it broke Tom Brady,
  • ‘Total Crypto Chaos During Blood Moon Eclipse’,
  • Why Lucy is about the only thing I wouldn’t sell to buy more bitcoin, and 
  • How you can help get Jones Plantation, The Movie out there and kicking globalist butt! 

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Jeff Berwick

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