Warp Speed Wipe Out: Starring Tony The Sickle And The Jab Rats

Every week, we here at Jeff & Lucy’s Hard Hits round up the biggest new releases across home entertainment. Let’s take a look at what’s coming your way this week, shall we?

There’s a new No.1 song on the Top Of The Charts.

The song ‘Grim Reaper’ by Tony The Sickle And The Jab Rats debuted at #1 on the charts last week, instantly making it the least talked about smash hit since Joey Slow Shuffle And The Epstein Gang’s ‘Give Us Your Kids’ –  featured on the album ‘Sulphur Farters’. 

From the platinum album ‘Warpspeed Wipeout’, ‘Grim Reaper’ is the third chartbuster we’ve seen from this popular group, following ‘Instakarma’ and ‘Died Suddenly’, both of which are holding their own on the Top 10. 

“Wow, all I can say is wow,” frontman Tony The Sickle marvels about the band’s achievement. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think Warpspeed Wipeout would be such a runaway success. You all have done that. Thank you to everyone who has helped Grim Reaper reach so many people. You know who you are. Thank you.”

As ‘Grim Reaper’ leaps from fifth to first place, several other massive singles have also been downgraded slightly on the list of the Top 5 songs, which currently looks like this: 

  1. ‘Grim Reaper’ (Tony The Sickle And The Jab Rats)
  2. ‘We Need More Money’ (WW3 Actors At Work)
  3. ‘Superhumanfuturisticnomorekidsthrombosis’ (Billy The Whiz)
  4. ‘Get Ze Shots And Be Happy’ (Satan Klaus & The Young Global Leaders) 
  5. ‘The Truth Is In Your TV’ (MainStreamMonsters) 
  6. ‘Instakarma’ (Tony The Sickle And The Jab Rats)
  7. ‘Eggspensive AF’ (Hyperstarvation & Devaluation) 
  8. ‘It’s All Trump’s Fault’  (Insurrection Protection) 
  9. ‘Strap-On Blinders’ (Government Knows Best) 
  10. ‘Died Suddenly’’ (Tony The Sickle And The Jab Rats)

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