Jeff Berwick And Luke Rudkowski On Bitcoin’s Current Surge [VIDEO]


Now’s a great time to start getting into cryptocurrency.

Yesterday’s Bitcoin price surge---up by about $1,000---has got the bandwagoners jumping on board again, and the mainstream media is running damage control.

Take for example CNBC, which posted an article titled “Why Bitcoin Won’t Bounce Back, according to 5 experts,” and then changed the title 1 hour later to, “Bitcoin is surging, but these experts are still skeptical.”

Fake news aside, yes, the recent surge is just another reminder that crypto is here to stay, and for those willing to play---long term---the rewards can be life-changing.

I recently discussed all of this and more with my good friend Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change.

Reporting from beautiful Porto, Portugal, our conversation also covered the economic collapse of governments worldwide, which is prompting many everyday people to consider diversifying their savings into crypto.

You Can Watch The Full Interview Here:

After Bitcoin’s skyrocket this week, many will eagerly get into the game (again), but we---TDV veterans---will continue our measured, long-term strategy that’s proven superior for years now.
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