Double Eclipse Apocalypse Ahead… Stock Market Crash Incoming? And Israhell Trying To Usher In The Antichrist?

Deagel predicted there will be 211 million fewer Americans by 2025. 

In today’s show, Lucy (the smallest, baddest Chihuahua in the whole damn world) and I talk about some of the things that could kill that many people in the next year. And, the list is pretty crazy and getting crazier by the day. 

Let’s see, we’re talking: 

  • Cannibal Haitian gangs, or for that matter, any run-of-the-mill old Hollyweird cannibals
  • Red cows from Texas. (More about that in our next show and tell video) 
  • Killary Clinton or Boeing Corporate, whichever gets to your whistleblowing ass first. The good news is that Boeing has come out as trans-safe… they’re not safe, but they identify as safe, because Boeing Lives Matter – just not their staff and passengers' lives
  • Turbo cancer, myocarditis, and the measles
  • Taking the Al-Kuhl and the Kuhl-Aid
  • Doritos

Then, there's EMP, infrastructure collapse by hacking or terrorism, Disease X, the systematic destruction of our food supply and food processing plants, geoengineering, monetary collapse, socially engineered civil war, and the old (un)tried and true, nuclear holocaust. All of which is probably getting up to speed on Lunar Eclipse Friday, March 25th, the date my wife has been warning me about and which I wrote about in the last Dollar Vigilante newsletter

And, just 14 days later, on April 8th, the ominous solar eclipse of 2024 will cut through the US, complete with schools closing, warnings from “emergency officials” to stock up on food, water, and fuel supplies ahead of the eclipse and the National Guard on high alert as huge crowds are expected to gather in “watch parties” 

It’s hard to imagine a better scenario for the 5G zombie switch-on in the name of bioterrorism. And, whaddaya know… the FBI just held a full-scale mock bioterrorism disaster exercise with three hospitals in the Colorado Springs area preparing for a bio-attack. You’ve got to love those Event Planning exercises, they’re never followed by the exact same thing they’re “training” for…  

It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not; who’s getting paid for saying what? 

5 shekels to say Trump is a god

10 shekels if you support cutting a child’s testicles off

Bonus shekels for being positive about Israel and zionists 

Whatever happens, Lucy and I are ready for it. We’re almost on our way to our rental ranch where I’ll basically be Amish but with an internet connection.

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Jeff Berwick

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