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No Limit: Federal Debt Goes All The Way Up [VIDEO]

The debt ceiling should be called the “debt target” since the US government hits a bullseye every time.

The most recent so-called debt limit expired on March 1, 2019, despite the Celebrity-in-Chief’s vows to pay it down—an impossible task at $22 trillion.

So, the Treasury Department just issued a warning that their big gang will be unable to pay their bills later this year unless con-gress increases the amount of money they can “borrow” … again.

Meanwhile, both the mainstream media and loyalists of Trump’s oligarchy have cheered the agreement between Republicans (the red gang) and Democrats (the blue gang) to “invest” a whopping $2 trillion into “infrastructure.”

This can’t be good.

Somehow investing stolen money back into the lives of the people it was taken from is… redundant at best.

And although spending on “infrastructure” is always better than wasting more on war, it’s all just part of the centralized government pyramid scheme.

These are the age-old finance habits of the state that inevitably lead to hyperinflation. It’s all by design, too, because those in charge want everyone under a one-world communist regime.

The dollar’s days are numbered. Ironically, this whole deficit spending-tax matrix we’re stuck in is very bullish for cryptocurrency, and precious metals as well.

The valuation for gold and silver is so low right now that you almost can’t lose—there’s nowhere to go from here but up—despite what the deflationists will tell you.

As hyperinflation ramps up, bitcoin (and other cryptos) will take off — and as quantitative easing continues its pernicious effects on the monetary system—with Trump endorsing more of the same—these are truly the worst of times and the best of times.

To get the full scoop on the current state of the crypto market, and precious metals—and to see just how beautiful Jamaica is from where I vlogged recently, enjoy the new video here:

There’s so much happening in the world at this unique moment in time. The end of the legacy financial system means the beginning of a whole new one, and while some alternative assets will thrive in this climate, the spoils go to the wisest investors.

A university “education” will teach you about the wonders of Keynesian fairy-tale economics. Good luck with that. At The Dollar Vigilante, we’ve got a diverse and in-depth library of data, including valuable guides and books containing the most cutting-edge financial advice.


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Fiat currency is doomed. Will you be prepared?

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