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Money Is Broken: Here is How to Fix It [VIDEO]

What has government done to the money?

To explore that question, I recently participated in a panel at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, along with a few interesting people: author and techno-utopian George Gilder, CloudCoin’s Sean Worthington, and the former head of the United States Mint.

Ed Moy, aside from working as the 38th director of the US Mint, also happens to be “one of the highest ranking officials in government to have endorsed cryptocurrency” in its earliest days.

We discussed everything from the history of currency to the role of crypto in reshaping society.

We even talked about what Facebook can bring to the table, and what Libra could mean going forward.

It was all moderated by the lovely Naomi Brockwell (aka Bitcoin Girl), one of the most talented and active women in the blockchain world.

Enjoy the Full FreedomFest Panel:

The Dollar Vigilante members (SUBSCRIBE) know I’m still bullish on precious metals—mainly gold—but with Bitcoin and now Monero (XMR), there’s no denying the future of money is here.

One thing is for sure, it’s great to see more of the older generation starting to understand the financial revolution.

Don’t let Trump or his mentally disabled followers distract you from the great wealth transfer taking place right now.

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