What No One is Saying about the Epstein Scandal [VIDEO]

Whether you believe child molester Jeffrey Epstein was killed by the Clintons, the CIA, Trump, Mossad, or the Queen of England…

Whether you think he was able to commit suicide due to a negligent system, or you don’t even buy that he’s dead, welcome to Distrusting Government 101.

By now, most of the propaganda “news” organizations have begun moving on to more important issues like celebrity gossip and sportsball, but when I arrived on the Greek island of Crete Saturday after a couple hours without interweb, suddenly everyone was talking about the same thing.


As you know, the billionaire pedophile who supposedly claimed to have serious dirt on some very powerful people… allegedly hanged himself in his prison cell.


Sure, the news cycle coincides with the attention span of most viewers of TV programming, and yes, in many ways, this scandal is helping to wake people up to the clearly fake narratives we’re being spoon fed.

The memes are great too!


Yet, when millions of people’s energy is focused on one event, and it extends across all social media, I can’t help but wonder whether we are playing into their magic alchemy.

For some, the metaphysical subjects I touch on may sound a little weird, but these days, is anything really all that strange or shocking?

In my latest walk and talk vlog from Greece, I reflect on Epstein’s predictably orchestrated ‘suicide’ and why all is not as it seems.

Watch the full report:

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for yourself is ignore their mind control. Instead, focus on love and peace in your own life.

As more of us begin to do this, the powers that (shouldn’t) be will have far less control.

Don’t surrender your agency to the machine! You may not quite realize that you have power, but you do, and what you focus on will grow.

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