How Dare You Trust Politicians to Save the World? [VIDEO]

Many parents are worried about the number of kids suffering from anxiety and depression these days, yet some of those concerned adults feed their children misguided and fear-based narratives about the sky falling.

Yes, the world as you know it may in fact be turned upside down soon, but likely not how you’ve been told!

So what is going on with this Greta Thunberg girl and her environmental hysteria? Is she just a brainwashed actress?

Most people seem unaware that, particularly in poor and developing countries, carbon emissions are more a lifeline to children than they are a threat.

Certainly, any challenges posed by climate change do not require the presence of a global climate dictatorship.


As Ryan McMaken at the Mises Institute puts it, Thunberg is essentially telling people in poor countries to drop dead:

“Human societies are already motivated to do the sorts of things that will be essential in overcoming climate-change challenges… pursuing higher standards of living through technological innovation is key… but that isn’t fostered by shaking a finger at Brazilian laborers and telling them to forget about a family car.”

Of course, rational and sober thoughts on Greta and ‘climate change’ seem hard to come by on social media. By the way, what ever happened to Jeffrey Epstein?

I reflect on all of this and more in my latest walk and talk from Mexico City. Some of the points I make in the video below may surprise you.

Check out the full vlog:

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