Are You Pro-Choice On Everything, Including Taxes? [VIDEO]


Absolutely. Individual sovereignty, right on!


Yes! The Non-Aggression Principle essentially covers it, so—


Oh, no man should make a law… about a woman’s body? Well, you don’t really need the second part of that statement to solve the problem, but close enough, I guess.

It’s not that I get off on poking fun at feminists, but with all this commotion in the media lately about the new “abortion ban” I can’t help but see right through the scripted corporate matrix.

You have to understand: every month or so, there’s a new band of boogeymen peddled by the fake news to keep the masses in a constant state of fear and disempowerment.

Remember that whole “Mexican caravan” fiasco, where an alleged stampede of migrants south of the border were “working their way up” to break into God’s country and steal your jobs and daughters?

Yeah… what ever happened to that?

Well, the same thing that happened to Kim Jong-un, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, WMDs in Iraq, SARS, bird flu, swine flu, ebola, measles, etc. Or how about when Oprah basically predicted a third of the world’s population would die from AIDS in just a few years, back in the 80’s? You get the point.

Usually, these life-threatening “emergencies” come and go with nothing much to show for them—at least not enough to warrant the perpetual scare campaigns, or the enormous amount of time wasted worrying about these distractions.

All this alarmism, uncertainty, and division does wonders for the powers that shouldn’t be.

When the misguided “social justice warriors” on both sides complain about laws only when their interests are negatively affected, the ruling elite laugh in the shadows as the sheep quibble.


When police thugs barge into your home for smoking a joint, is it still “MY BODY, MY CHOICE?”

How about when the state regularly steals a large portion of your earnings, can you yell “MY MONEY, MY CHOICE?”

Most of the uproar about abortion lately is ultimately another ridiculous distraction from the inconvenient truth:


The false left-right paradigm has serious consequences. Don’t expect the establishment to warn you about the real dangers to society.

The good news is, so many truth-seekers have already unplugged from the mind control.

I explored this controversial trending topic in my recent video report, live from the beach of Anarchapulco. Yes, the same paradise city that the US State Department labeled one of the world’s most dangerous places. Those who’ve been here know we are in danger… of having too much fun!

Watch The New ABORTION Vlog Here:

As Murray Rothbard said, “The state is robbing all classes, rich and poor, black and white alike; it rips us all off. The state is the common enemy of mankind.”

When you begin to wake up to the fact that political oppression targets everyone and is mostly nondiscriminatory, government can be recognized for what it truly is… a racket.

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