Jackpot: Why Silver is the Money of Gentlemen [VIDEO]

This may come as surprising to some, but you need to know that our next 10,000% gain investment might not be a cryptocurrency.

When it comes to acquiring assets and being prepared for economic collapse, there’s no silver bullet. Any wise investor knows that diversity is key.

Of course, growth mainly depends on which assets you choose to put your capital into, and how. At these levels, it is almost impossible to be pessimistic about silver!

In his book Wealth in the New Millennium, author Norm Franz famously claimed “gold is the money of kings and silver is the money of gentlemen.”

Yet, the way I see it, the last kings (and hopefully the Queen) are dying out soon.


Every empire in history has fallen. The bubble that is the rigged world economy will not just pop like chewing gum, it will violently burst.

It’s been crashing slowly, but the US dollar is going to completely collapse some day, just like most of the stock market (probably sooner than you think).

Still, every cloud has its silver lining.

In my recent walk and talk vlog from the streets of Capri, Italy, I return to the subject of precious metals and in particular, silver mining stocks.

For those of us with ears to hear and minds to think, there are monumental opportunities in both the short term and long term.

Watch the full video:

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At some point, your drive to thrive ramps up and improving your own condition just becomes natural. Self-development feels like hard work for a while, but then it doesn’t.

I highly suggest you check out the video above for life changing information.

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Jeff Berwick

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