Are Politicians Humans and Why did Bitcoin Crash? [VIDEO]

When we tell our kids there’s no such thing as monsters, perhaps we’re overlooking the closest thing.

I don’t think it’s controversial to say that at the highest level, the government’s goons are like actorsplaying a role of ‘empathetic person’.

They may not exactly be reptilian shapeshifters, but the US mafia is predatory and in many ways, even more so today than twenty years ago. President Cheeto has essentially changed nothing as Celebrity in Chief, just like Obomber!

Yet, politics is not just a big scam akin to “reality” TV or “professional” wrestling… it actually kills way more people.


I recently joined Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group on the Titans of Industry show. He had some important questions for me about the current state of government, central banks and macroeconomic markets.

Gantz and I discussed a cashless society, negative interest rates, why fiat money is ludicrous, precious metals and the hard asset bull market!

We also covered Drumpf’s latest trade tariffs, asset seizure, indoctrination, social media corporations and the CIA, and Anarchapulco 2020.

Check out the full show:

So what caused the recent crypto dip? I explored this with Lior in the video above.

From blockchain technology to philosophical enlightenment, the evolution of mankind requires a variety of solutions.

In the spirit of spontaneous order, the decentralized movement to liberate humanity converges each February in Acapulco, Mexico for The World’s Premier Liberty Event.


Our battle is not against people, but against ideas, and history will prove to be on our side. In the end, freedom trumps slavery!

If you’re ready to take a stand for truth, peace and justice, join us.

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