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Warning: The Most Controversial Taboo Exposed [VIDEO]

Suppose you have a friend who believes that people who break the law, including you, should be punished… even when the alleged crime has no actual victim.

Is that person really a friend?

When one decides to opt out of the religion of statism, you’d at least hope family members would be a bit… tolerant.

I interviewed Keith Knight of Don’t Tread on Anyone, and he recalled his difficult experience “coming out” to loved ones as an anarchist.

For taking a stance as simple as, “I’m against state-sponsored violence,” you’d think those closest to you would be somewhat… compassionate?

Being openly apolitical these days, it’s not uncommon to hear misguided backlash like:

“So you’re going to burn buildings down?”

“Are you quitting your job!?”

“You’re joining Antifa!?!”

It goes to show how widespread the brainwashing is, but more importantly, how concealed the “gun in the room” is.

As Knight puts it:

“What’s the difference between doing something in the market and doing something through the state? …if you could convince people voluntarily, that’s where you’d achieve a market in something… the nature of the state is to coerce.”

Instead of recognizing the inherent aggression, taxes are called “public funding.” Tariffs are made to look like “economics” and inflation is disguised as “currency control.”


Modern propaganda combined with twelve years of indoctrination can be very hard to undo, but in some areas, the evil power of government force is being stripped away.

On Anarchast episode 461, Keith and I explored the philosophy of anarchy, voluntarism, and rational moral consistency. We also covered foreign policy and war, exposing political lies, and the hidden gun in the room.

During our interview, we even spoke about anarchists in high places, finding like minded friends, and Anarchapulco 2020.

As Keith and I discussed, the path to real freedom can be refreshing and enlightening, yet also quite challenging at times.

Enjoy the full show here:

Of course, while it’s possible to lose relationships when pointing out immorality, many of us only lost what was holding us back.

I gained most of my authentic, genuine friends after I fully embraced my journey towards truth and virtue.

Everyone can have a happy and fulfilling life. It requires inner and outer work, but it’s so worth it. We can even help each other!

Thousands of like minded individuals will meet in Acapulco, Mexico February 10 – 20 for The World’s Premier Liberty Event.

Together we’ll evolve beyond the state, and beyond disempowering beliefs, through philosophy, business, health, and personal connections.


It’s all happening among the sun and beaches of a world-class resort!

Thankfully, despite the growing pains on the road to autonomy, the benefits of being a freethinker are priceless.

For starters, you’ll begin to see right through the matrix—so many lies we’ve been fed since childhood will become apparent.

You also start to see patterns in how the politicians and central bankers rule and divide us. Indeed, you may find yourself becoming more self-sufficient, watching less television, and even investing in precious metals or cryptocurrencies.

Early on, part of the appeal I saw in crypto was the potential for making central banking—and coercive government in general—irrelevant and obsolete.

That’s mainly why I was compelled to feature Bitcoin in The Dollar Vigilante newsletter back in 2011, when it was only $3.

Although the cryptocurrency market has come a long way since then, the innovative financial opportunities emerging are monumental—so SUBSCRIBE to TDV to join the community and stay on top of the most important insights.

Evolve yourself… and the world will follow.

Reserve your space! Anarchapulco 2020 TICKETS now available:

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